Climate Change

Climate change is a human caused crisis, but fortunately we still have an opportunity to prevent many of the worst disasters it could cause. As your legislator, I will fight for:

– A Cap and Trade policy that effectively taxes carbon pollution while also offering incentives for corporations to cut back on their emissions.

– Provide state loans for energy conservation and renewable energy production

– Expand the authority of school boards to own and operate renewable energy systems

– Follow through on Representative Loeffler’s proposed green roof advisory task force

– Establish a feed-in tariff to incentivize individual renewable energy production and allow property owners who invest in renewable energy to generate revenue off of any excess energy they generate.

– Reduce car dependency traveled by promoting cleaner transportation options

– Develop financial assistance to farmers who implement energy and efficiency measures in livestock – management, including anaerobic digesters

Education & Children’s Issues

As a second generation Education Minnesota member and Speech and Debate coach, I see on a constant basis the struggles facing our schools, children and their families. That’s why as your representative, I will fight for:

– Fully fund pre-k programs

– Provide wrap around healthcare, mental healthcare, and eye care services in schools.  Provide counselors, nurses, support staff, and paras to all Minnesota schools

– Sponsor small business assistance and daycare provider trainings to increase the number of qualified childcare providers and make childcare more affordable

– Require positive disciplinary policies centered in restorative justice

– Ensure that Minnesota’s curriculum is culturally relevant and challenging

– End legacy admissions at all Minnesota colleges and universities

– Adopt Senator Dziedzic’s proposal for debt-free college

– Eliminate student lunch debt and provide free meals to all children

– Guarantee that child protective services decisions are based on the health and safety of the child, not the limits of the available resources

Health Care

Health care is a critical issue facing tons of Minnesotans statewide. As my wife begins her journey as a resident, I’ve developed a renewed passion for healthcare, including reproductive, gender and mental healthcare services. As your representative I will work to fix our state’s healthcare system by:

– Fight for reproductive and gender justice in healthcare

– Expand access to birth control, trans therapy, and affordable reproductive healthcare

– Strengthen and expand existing health care coverage programs, including through a public option

– Pass the Alec Smith Emergency Insulin Act

– Address health treatment and outcome disparities through screening and data-driven targeted measures

– Simplify enrollment and access across public benefit programs

– Eliminate Minnesota’s parental notification law

– Expand the role of nurse-practitioners and other providers in providing health care, including first trimester abortions

Abundant, Affordable, and Inclusive Housing

Housing is one of the issues that’s driven my community engagement for years. Seeing rents go up in Windom Park inspired me to run for President of my neighborhood association and as an attorney representing clients against predatory landlords, I know that we need to do more to make the Eastside a place everyone can afford to call home. As your representative, I will:

– Require sellers of multifamily housing provide notice and right of first refusal to current tenants, allowing them time to purchase their own building instead of being evicted.

– Locate new multi-family rental units in high-amenity neighborhoods, making some of our most vibrant communities accessible and affordable to all with the help of vouchers

– Increase funding for Minneapolis public housing renovation, maintenance, and expansion

– Provide a right to an attorney for tenants facing eviction

– Hold landlords to higher standards including specifying units in leases, enforcing anti-discrimination laws and ensuring all landlords take housing subsidies as required by law

– Increase the number of people eligible for eviction expungement to provide more second chances for people who’ve faced hardship

– Support the development of tenant-owned housing co-ops

– Establish a state security deposit fund, so unscrupulous landlords can’t take advantage of tenants by illegally denying the return of security deposits

– Develop financing mechanisms to support ownership of missing middle housing

– Eliminate single family zoning, large-lot zoning, historic districts and parking minimums statewide.

Equality and Empowerment

Minnesota has a reputation as being a progressive state, but our LGBTQ+ policies are still horribly outdated. As an ally, I want to make sure that Minnesota is a place all people are welcome regardless of how they identify or who they are interested in. As your representative I will fight to:

– Require all school districts adopt gender inclusion policies for transgender and gender nonconforming students

– Eliminate the legal discrimination of transgender and gender nonconforming individuals in duplexes, in agencies that serve children, and religious educational institutions

– End conversion therapy in Minnesota

– Provide mental health resources in schools

– Provide resources to create LGBTQ+ spaces in schools

Independence and Security in Retirement

Our Seniors have worked hard to provide for us and future generations, and it’s time we return the favor and look after them. As a representative I will:

– Work toward a long-term care insurance retirement benefit for all Minnesotans

– Raise asset and income limits on Minnesota’s public benefit programs

– Develop a family medical leave insurance program

– Require statewide zoning that allows for housing for seniors to age in their communities

Responsible, Responsive Government

We need a government that works for all Minnesotans, not just the wealthy few. But in order to maintain and support our vital public services, we must make sure our government is publicly accountable to we the people. As your representative, I will fight to:

– Eliminate loopholes in Minnesota’s Data Practices law so that all governmental organizations and officials activities that should be covered are covered. This includes advocacy groups or other spinoffs that use public dollars and government officials.

– Apply Minnesota’s Data Practices law to the legislature and legislative staff

– Provide free remote access to court records

– Establish a public bank to save Minnesota money, reinvest in our communities, reduce lending disparities, and put our money to work

– Prohibit Minnesota from bidding for businesses to relocate here through tax credits or subsidies, and pursue an interstate compact to prevent our neighbors from doing the same

Criminal Justice Reform

As an attorney whose represented creditors and renters with limited resources against predatory landlords and creditors, I know first hand that we need major changes to our criminal justice system so that everyone can feel safe in their communities and that offenders are brought to justice. As your representative, I will advocate for:

– Restore voting rights to all Minnesotans

– Legalize recreational cannabis

–  Publicly fund and mandate testing of all backlogged rape kits, and auditing to ensure cities meet their obligations.

– Protect anonymous reporting options for sexual assault victims

– Make expunging criminal records easier and more accessible

– Eliminate cash bail

– Reduce the maximum probation sentence to five years from 40 years

– Require courts to keep copies of warrants

– Support the passage of red flag laws to reduce gun violence

– Prohibit police contract protections against investigation of misconduct or record keeping of investigations

– Permit cities to institute all non-police review boards who can make binding recommendations to discipline officers

Investing in the Eastside

I am the only candidate with a history of fighting for and investing in the Eastside for my entire career. From founding the Minnesota Tool Library to serving on the board of the Northeast Arts District and the Windom Park Neighborhood organization, I want to make the Eastside a community that everyone can call home. To do this, I will advocate to:

– Amend the MN Constitution so gas tax funds can be used for transit, bike, and pedestrian infrastructure

– Provide support for the development of community resources like the Co-op, Minnesota Tool Library, and NEIC.

– Allow municipalities and counties to double what they can raise for transit on their own initiative so that we can have safer transit infrastructure, more frequent service and more Bus Rapid Transit lines.

– Legalize the Idaho Stop, making intersections safer for bikers

– Pass a fix it first highway law so we focus on improving existing highways and not building bigger ones that encourage more driving

– Legalize camera enforcement of speed limits and red lights

– Empower cities to reduce lane widths, institute road diets, and prioritize non-auto transportation options on city and county-funded roads

– Directing pollution cleanup dollars to development of industrial properties

Worker and Consumer Protections

– Bond for childcare facilities

– Protecting and increasing our inflation-adjusted minimum wage and working toward benefits like safe and sick leave for all Minnesotans

– Require school districts to participate in the unemployment system

– Authorize direct sales of cars and preempt laws blocking direct sales

– Eliminate occupational licensure restrictions except for bona fide health and safety reasons

– Ban non-competes

– Eliminate title insurance and replace it with a state-run guarantee similar to Iowa’s

– Require one-click cancellation options for utilities, internet providers, and subscriptions

Election Reform

Free and fair elections are vital to our Democracy. We should make voting easier and more accessible so that more people get to choose our representatives so we can make government more accountable to the people. As your representative, I will fight to:

– Allow and encourage pre-registration and automatic voter registration so that there are more opportunities for people to register (and re-register when they move) to vote.

– Support Minnesota’s Secretary of State Steve Simon in his efforts to secure Minnesota’s cybersecurity

– Extend fair election systems like Ranked Choice Voting and easy ballot access laws to our state elections

– Join the Interstate Popular Vote Compact so we choose our president, not the Electoral College