• Require sellers of multifamily housing provide notice and right of first refusal to current tenants
  • Locate new multi-family rental units in high-amenity neighborhoods, especially housing that uses low income housing tax credits
  • Increase funding for Minneapolis public housing renovation, maintenance, and expansion
  • Provide a right to counsel to tenants in eviction actions
  • Require landlords identify the specific unit the tenant is leasing in the lease
  • Increase the number of cases eligible for eviction expungement
  • Support the development of tenant-owned housing co-ops
  • Establish a state security deposit fund, so unscrupulous landlords can’t take advantage of tenants by illegally denying the return of security deposits
  • Develop financing mechanisms to support ownership of missing middle housing
  • Increase enforcement of anti-discrimination laws
  • Help families move to higher opportunity neighborhoods by setting voucher subsidies using smaller geographic areas
  • Eliminate single family zoning and parking minimums statewide, and especially zoning that reinforces segregation like large-lot zoning and historic districts
  • Develop anti-SLAPP laws for housing developments

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