Climate Change

  • Price carbon through a cap and trade policy with a price collar
  • Establish a revolving loan fund for energy conservation and renewable energy production investment
  • Mandate continually improving energy efficiency building standards
  • Expand the authority of school boards to own and operate renewable energy systems
  • Follow through on Representative Loeffler’s proposed green roof advisory task force
  • Establish a feed-in tariff to increase the rate of renewable energy production or make the Vale of Solar Tariff mandatory for all solar projects
  • Establish urban growth boundaries statewide
  • Establish a grid-scale electricity storage standard, similar to our renewable portfolio standard
  • Fund afforestation and reforestation
  • Tax nitrogen fertilizers and compensate farmers for reduced tilling and no tilling practices
  • Reduce vehicle miles traveled by promoting cleaner transportation options and pricing pollution
  • Develop financial assistance to farmers who implement energy and efficiency measures in livestock management, including anaerobic digesters

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